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Wrapping up 2013

Never have I ever drifted so far from my yearly goals as this year. And I’m not even sorry. 2013 was, as we’ve established, a doozie. In addition to all of the personal life stuff, work was sort of ridiculous. So, rather than doing an accounting just of the goals that I set for myself in January, I’d rather look at this year in terms of things I actually did versus goals that I scratched off the list.

I did:

  1. Paint the kitchen. It looks really beautiful!
  2. Eat Paleo-ish for one month. I’m getting back to this in the New Year, because I’ve never felt so awesome.
  3. Run/walk a 5K. I did two of these!
  4. Properly store my wedding dress. Fifty bucks solved this problem.
  5. Throw the Horse Whisperer his preferred 35th birthday party. We went out to fancypants dinner with his brother and sister-in-law.
  6. Produced 22 major events at work.
  7. Produced 25 minor (but still important) events at work.
  8. Wrote two ridiculous songs for work (I think this subs in for writing silly poems).
  9. Managed four artist residencies, one of which was for a group of 40 people.
  10. Sold out my Christmas concert series with record numbers.
  11. Co-produced an awesome retirement party for my boss, which I think he absolutely loved.
  12. Handled all of the above work things with an official support staff of zero. (Many of my lovely coworkers stepped in to help in various capacities, but productions of this magnitude usually have a staff of around 12-15 people.) Only lost my #%&! once.

I did not:

  1. Come up with a reasonable budget and stick to it. I came up with said budget, but sticking to it was not in the cards this year.
  2. Do most of the house projects on my list: dealing with curtains, making a functioning closet for our bedroom, or finishing painting the foyer. Once I had an inkling that we were moving, I ceased with the major projects.
  3. Go on another beach vacation. We took several day trips to Stinson Beach, an hour north of here. And I’m so looking forward to living near the ocean. I can’t even tell you.
  4. Host an activity party. I really wanted to do this, but there was never a good time. So much of my year was spent solving crises (either real or manufactured), that there just wasn’t much in me left for planning fun stuff. This is the major thing I want to change for 2014.
  5. Lose the weight I gained over the past three years. I actually put on about five additional pounds. This is how stress works for me. I’m tired of beating myself up about it, and simultaneously hate how my body feels right now. I don’t really have anything else to say about it. I’m pretty bored of discussing and thinking about my weight. It’s not at all the most interesting thing about me, and I hate letting it rule my life. So. That’s that.

I feel like 2013 wasn’t really about self-improvement, or even about sustainability. It was sort of about getting through. I have high hopes that 2014 will be a different story, and I’m working on thinking of my goals a bit differently for the new year. I feel like 2013 kicked many of our butts, but I’d love to know what you thought about your 2013. Did you come close to living through your intentions of this year? Did it surprise you?


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  • Feisty Harriet December 30, 2013 at 10:14 am

    You did so many big things this year! Oh my goodness!!! I consider your “I did it!” list a whopping success!


  • Marie December 31, 2013 at 6:37 am

    Wow this is pretty damn fantastic. Happy New Year lady! May 2014 bring you more happiness and the best of all things!

  • badger reader January 3, 2014 at 12:47 pm

    Yay for all you accomplished – that is an amazing list of success! Although I had some really fun times, 2013 was definitely about getting through for me. I liked your phrasing of that a lot.

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