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2014 Update

When I made my list of 2014 goals, I honestly thought it would be super simple to check things off.

How adorable that was.

The truth is that I’ve made pretty meager headway on my list thus far. In usual Me Fashion, I’ve accomplished most of the task-master-y things, and haven’t really done much on the fun or self-care front.

(I’ve also apparently forgotten how to write a blog post in any kind of eloquent or interesting way.)

1. Transition healthfully – This category is checked off!

  • disengage from my current job – Yes! Though, I have a fun and hilarious update on this to share in the next week or so.
  • say goodbye to the people we love – Yes, and it was lovely. Bittersweet, but lovely.
  • find a new homeYes, and it is finally becoming a comfortable place, ants notwithstanding. And they do withstand, let me tell you.
  • find a new job – Basically, yes! More on this later!

2. Be the best version of myself – Oh, dear. No. I’m starting a project tomorrow to prioritize this – more on that.

  • laugh more
  • make things
  • be healthy
  • be comfortable in my body

3. Be adventurous – Sort of? I mean, moving is pretty adventurous, and I’m taking some major leaps of faith in the career department. This category is also going to be a part of my aforementioned Life Project.

  • take a surfing lesson
  • try a new craft – My parents were here last week, and we started a garden! So, I think this counts. But I’d still like to try something maker-y. I’m not checking this one off yet.
  • take a dance classYes, I did this, and it was hilariously bad. I’d kind of like to take another one, though I need to find an alternate location. Let’s just say that “beginning adult ballet” should not consist of two out of three class members wearing pointe shoes. Ahem.
  • visit Mexico

4. Nurture our marriage – I wouldn’t say that our marriage has been a non-priority, but we certainly haven’t done any of the things in this category. The Horse Whisperer is in the midst of his busiest season at the new job, which coincided with his start date. After Labor Day, things at the office will slow down dramatically, and we’ll be able to do fun things together. 

  • take more pictures together
  • develop “couple hobbies”
  • find a balance of work/life/creativity/productivity
  • be a team – I always think we’re a good team, though I think some non-traumatic team building (like, say, AN ACTUAL VACATION) would be a good thing for us.
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  • sizzle July 31, 2014 at 10:27 am

    Seriously, have you tried the diatomaceous earth to rid yourself of the ants? It’s the ONLY thing that worked at our place. I can’t wait to hear about the job/career shift! Mexico is amazing and wouldn’t going there cross two things off your list? I’m just saying…Tulum, Mexico was the best vacation I’ve ever been on. Maybe after I go to Hawaii in October I will say that same thing about Maui. A girl can dream. 😉

  • Feisty Harriet July 31, 2014 at 3:48 pm

    Dude, checking off a whole category is HUGE! Seriously, impressive, my dear.


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