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In a nutshell

Hi! Thanks so much for visiting! My name is Abby McKee, and this is my website.

I am addicted to soft t-shirts, cheese, and hugs. I also love so-called “classical” music, books, accents, cooking, boats, and a near-infinite number of other things. I hate olives and oysters, whistling, and the word “hella.” I do not take myself seriously most of the time, and neither should you. I am married to the Horse Whisperer, who is brilliant, unintentionally hilarious, and always awesome. There are many things in life that I cannot do, but I sure did pick a good guy to marry.

I grew up in the South, and I’ve lived in San Francisco for nine years. In May of 2014, we’ll be moving to San Diego, and I’m excited (and a little bit terrified) about this new adventure. I recently realized that I never feel more Southern than when in San Francisco, and I never feel more San Franciscan than when I’m in the South. I cannot imagine what this will mean in San Diego. My Appalachian accent is intermittent.

I am a virtual collector of beautiful things, an avid cook (and eater), and an ardent list maker. This site features many of the above, and more. Sometimes things here won’t make sense. Just go with it.

Welcome, friend. I am so glad you’re here!