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My Life List

I’ve been slowly, quietly creating a Life List. Some of this is laughably aspirational, and other bits are embarrassingly rudimentary. They are listed in no order whatsoever. This list will likely be ever-changing, and I’m going to add and subtract as I go.

  1. Eat at the French Laundry
  2. Write a children’s book
  3. Start a high-quality community arts center in my neighborhood
  4. Stand quietly in La Sagrada Familia for ten minutes
  5. Wear a bikini, and feel good about it
  6. Test out red hair
  7. Find a form of exercise that I really love
  8. Host/coordinate a “long table” dinner party
  9. Completely refurbish an old building
  10. Own a piece by Diana Fayt
  11. Win a MacArthur Grant or become a TED fellow (ha!)
  12. Grow a (rooftop?) garden
  13. Go to New Zealand
  14. Make jam out of six different fruits in one year
  15. Learn to alter patterns and make beautifully-tailored clothing
  16. Raise a really great dog
  17. Send someone to college
  18. Commission a new work by an amazing composer
  19. Go to Hawaii with the Horse Whisperer
  20. Have a one-on-one session with Michael Kaiser, and pick his brain
  21. Receive an honorary doctorate
  22. Eat beignets at Cafe du Monde with the Horse Whisperer
  23. Do a seasonal dinner/cooking class in my home
  24. Own a Persian rug
  25. Make homemade pasta in Italy
  26. Commission a painting by Paul Ferney
  27. Sew or commission a quilt made out of sentimental garments (like Grandmom’s leaf quilt)
  28. Surf
  29. Establish an annual vacation tradition
  30. Attend the Black and White Ball
  31. Have my own chickens
  32. Own at least five acres of land
  33. Get all of my moles and freckles checked out
  34. Host a huge family Thanksgiving dinner
  35. Learn how to effectively say “no” without sounding like a mean person
  36. Donate $5,000 to a cause I care about
  37. Get into the habit of flossing daily
  38. Run/Walk a 5K
  39. Run a 5K
  40. Run/Walk a 10K
  41. Run a 10K
  42. Attend an Outstanding in the Field dinner
  43. Sing with a band
  44. Do a pull up
  45. Own a perfectly-fitted trench coat
  46. Go to Paris
  47. Celebrate May Day by secretly dropping off bouquets at my neighbors’ front doors
  48. Barbecue oysters at Point Reyes or Tomales Bay
  49. Send my parents on a surprise vacation
  50. Attend a sing along at the Castro Theatre
  51. Host a Christmas cookie party
  52. Learn to sail a boat
  53. Establish a scholarship in someone’s name
  54. Introduce Suzi B. and the Horse Whisperer
  55. Take ballet classes again
  56. Make a chair
  57. Sit on the beach in Mexico, drinking a beer
  58. Stay in a yurt in Big Sur
  59. Strip old wallpaper out of an entire room (I have no idea why I think this would be so appealing, but I think I’d love it)
  60. Visit all 58 (or 59, depending upon the list) National Parks